Noise Arrangement Order

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Here it is, at last! BANJAXXED Recordings is proud to announce its first limited vinyl release ‘Noise Arrangement Order’, featuring the talent of 4 local Medway bands.

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Available for the first time ever on vinyl together are local favourites Broken Banjo (If Rory Gallagher had met Dio and Blackmore), Bear vs Manero (A literal fight between Tony Manero and a bear…let that one play in your head for a while), Frau Pouch (Self confessed ‘Sci fi based post-punk-disco crap played by a tattoo apprentice, a music shop genius and a nurse’), and KILL RPNZL (A ‘3 piece band from medway. For fans of distortion screaming and ice cream’). Have a listen below!

Creatabot Articles

As some of you may or may not know, whilst I was working in London I also wrote some articles on the Record Industry for Creatabot. If you haven’t already come across Creatabot yet, its a place where creatives from various places come to write about their trade, be it music, art, crafts and anything else beyond and in between!

I’ve included mine below, and they vary from production and manufacture to what PR is and some other bits and bobs. So have a read and enjoy!

Creatabot Bio

Working for an Indie Record Label – Part 1

Working for an Indie Record Label – Part 2

Working for an Indie Record Label – Part 3: Pitching to a Record Label

Working for an Indie Record Label – Part 4: Making Sense of Social Media

Music Scenes: Time to stop complaining and do something about it! (This was a little ranty, but the point is strong I think!)

Hello? Is this thing on? – The people fighting your corner

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Will Wilde ‘Raw Blues’ – Album Review for GIGgle Pics

Head on over to GIGgle Pics to check out my latest review of Will Wilde’s latest album ‘Raw Blues’. He’s an incredible blues frontman and plays a mean harmonica to boot!

Will Wilde ‘Raw Blues’ Album Review for GIGgle Pics.

GIGgle Pics is a great group of volunteer reviewers and photographers who head out to local gigs in Kent. All non-profit and a great chance for people to have a go at writing and also getting their photos out there.

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